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Israeli entrepreneurs: war in Ukraine may stimulate development of technology

Military experience unites people and helps to create long-lasting business partnerships in peacetime. This opinion was expressed by managing partner at Hybrid Capital Ilia Kenigshtein at a business seminar in Ukraine.


El Al postponed flight to Kiev due to strike

EL AL, Israel’s leading airline, has announced Sunday that four of its central flights to Kiev, Newark, London and Budapest were delayed due to purposeful disruption on the part of their pilots.


Haifa Port May Soon Become Entertainment & Commercial Zone

Haifa port may soon undergo a facelift, with a plan for redevelopment to include an entertainment zone, a commercial zone and links to the city’s beaches.


Israeli startups set record for exits in 2014

Israeli high-tech and biotech startups witnessed a record year of acquisitions and initial public offerings (IPOs), according to end-of-year reports by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ethosia Human Resources.


Lawsuit Filed Against Revlon CEO for Anti-Semitic Remarks

A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Revlon cosmetics CEO Lorenzo Delpani for making bigoted remarks against African-Americans, Jews, and Americans in general.


Vaccine developed in Israel which blocks 90% of cancer types

The Israeli biotech company Vaxil BioTherapeutics has developed a cancer vaccine which can prevent the return of 90% of the various types of this fatal disease.

Refael Yukha: I’m amazed how many talented people there are in Ukraine

The creative director of the “Platform” coworking space on the future of anti-offices in Kiev

Top 10 authentic Israeli homes for rent

The most unusual apartments, tents, houses, caves and studios that you can rent in Israel

From Fastov to Silicon Valley

The 24th of February is the birthday of Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp

Ilya Kenigshtein: When you’re at the bottom, the only way is up

Continuation of the talk with the entrepreneur and civil activist

Oded Lotan — an Israeli importer of knowledge

The director of the Edinburgh business school talks to Jewishnews.com.ua about business education in Ukraine

Ilya Kenigshtein: Ukraine will have 3G in a matter of months

Israeli entrepreneur assists Ukrainian reforms

We work for Israel

10 Israeli companies with offices in Ukraine

The Jews who revived the Sich

The Feldman family has a wide range of business interests: from manufacturing steel pipes to advertising and tourism. And they also restore Cossack sites.

Artyom Berman: “You can develop an IT-company in Ukraine, but you won’t be able to sell it to anyone later”

He is the executive director of StarWind Software, a mentor of IT incubators, father of four, traveler and blogger. All this is already impressive in itself, but there is another fact about Artyom: at the age of 16 he broke his neck when he jumped into the Dnieper. He has been partially paralyzed ever since.

Eduard Rubin: “Go to the Soviet Union, this is Ukraine – it’s a different country”

The founder and director of Telesens talks about the Kharkov community, the specific nature of doing business in Ukraine and the politics of the “transitional period”.

Dmitry Fedorenko: “There are practically no projects like ours in the world. Perhaps only sales at churches”

The founder of the “Murakhi” project on how to raise money for charity, when no one has any money left

Stanislav Gluzman: “At that time I was playing poker professionally”

The young businessman and founder of the “Jewish business club” talks about things that may interest independent Jews, and what Jewish places to visit.

“Vishnevsky didn’t look depressed, he also had other businesses.”

On 20 November, the member of the board of trustees of the Kharkov community, banker and former advisor to the Kharkov governor Vadim Vishnevsky was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, and died shortly afterwards.

Israeli project FUGU luggage creates “explosion” on Kickstarter

Everyone who travels frequently is familiar with the problem of choosing a suitcase of suitable size. Isaak Atlas’s Israeli start-up promises to solve the dilemma of all die-hard travelers, with the FUGU luggage universal suitcase, which can change its dimensions.


Gaza conflict had a minor effect on tourism in Israel

Summer's Gaza conflict had a minor effect on overall number of visitors to Israel last year, thanks to a significant increase in arrivals in first half of year.


Intel to invest $550 million in Israel through 2020

Intel has promised to spend at least $550 million in Israel in the next five years.


Two first graders started a fundraising campaign to find a cure for a rare disease

First-grade buddies raise $1 million with donations streaming in from 60 countries across the globe.


Smartphone for disabled people developed in Israel

Electrical power engineer Giora Livne, who has been in a wheelchair for nine years, and application developer Oded Ben Dov from Israel have created the Sesame smartphone for disabled people.


Crisis in Russia threatens export of Israeli agricultural produce

Israeli farmers are worried about the fall of the ruble and the possible recession in the Russian economy because of the growth of dependence on the Russian market, in connection with the unofficial boycott of Israeli produce in the EU and the oversaturation of the European market


New gas field discovered in Israel

A new natural gas field has been discovered on the Mediterranean coastline of Israel – the third largest to be found in Israeli waters