До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан
Until Yom HaZikaron left 4 days

Polish Synagogue to Become Jewish Museum

The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland plans to open a new Jewish museum in a synagogue built in the 17th century.


‘Exodus’ banned for ‘racist’ portrayal of Jews in Egypt

Egypt banned Ridley Scott’s biblical epic “Exodus: Gods & Kings” because the Hollywood blockbuster distorts Egypt’s history and presents a “racist” image of Jews.


Stradivarius violin played at Dnepropetrovsk synagogue

Kharkov violinist Valery Sokolov played a Stradivarius violin at the Central Dnepropetrovsk synagogue as part of a cultural charity program organized by governor Igor Kolomoisky.


Memory of the righteous among nations Raoul Wallenberg honored in Uzhgorod

A memorial plaque has been unveiled in Uzhgorod in honor of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.


Israel becomes honored guest of book fair in Leipzig

Literature from Israel will occupy the central place at the international book fair in Leipzig in honor of the 50th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel.


Germany allocates 2.5 million Euros to create cultural center in Tel-Aviv

The German government has undertaken to create a Center to preserve the White City, the name given to Tel-Aviv for its abundance of white buildings in an international style (Bauhaus).

Our Jewish Hollywood: 5 facts about Mel Brooks, alive and loving it

The master of parodies and farce who became famous thanks to Hitler, wrote rap lyrics and left a six-finger handprint on the Walk of Fame

Our Jewish Hollywood: 5 facts about Marty Feldman, the young Frankenstein

The author and screenwriter who was a vegetarian, smoked five packs of cigarettes a day and could act with his eyes

Our Jewish Hollywood: 5 facts about Sophie Tucker, the Red Hot Yiddishe Mama

The singer and actress who didn’t want to lose weight, went on stage in black make-up and performed a song that was forbidden by the Nazis

Svetlana Alexievich: There are periods in history when the reason of an entire nation becomes clouded

Event for the 2015 Nobel Prize winner for literature held in Tel Aviv

Stanislaw Lem: a Jew under the Nuremberg law

On the 12th of September the great science fiction author of “Solaris” would have turned 94

Question yourself more often

Have you ever thought how to define the difference between a video and a movie?

Ilya Dvorkin: Ukraine is one of the main Jewish focal areas of international significance

One of the founders of the Sambation association discusses Judaism, Jewish Ukraine and the creative quests of Jewish youth

Sculptor Alexander Milov: Did no one have their legs torn off? Then no one in the USA will be interested

For the first time in 30 years, a Ukrainian artist has received a grant from the Burning Man festival

The mysterious house where a sukkah was part of the ceiling

What Jewish secrets are concealed by the luxurious Kiev mansion of 19th century magnate Simkha Liberman?

The King Kong from Auschwitz

Jakub Kozelczuk – an accomplice of the Nazis or a righteous Jew?

13 May – International Hummus Day

A selection of Instagram photos

Jewish musicians: 7 songs of Victory

The Jewish contribution to writing legendary songs that inspired soldiers

Top 5 contemporary Jewish musicians

Jews who have influenced the development of contemporary pop music

67 spectacular pictures to celebrate Israels 67th

We think Israel is one of the most remarkable countries in the world. Check out our special gallery to celebrate the country’s 67th anniversary, and you’ll see why.

David Cherkassky: Our Barmalei ended up as an unhappy Jew with a classic ethnic nose

The animator and director discusses the three voices of Captain Vrungel, the decline of Ukrainian animation and his own circumcision at the age of 75

Leonid Pasternak: descendent of the glorious family of Abarbanelei

On 3 April 1862, the outstanding artist, father of the brilliant poet Boris Pasternak and husband of the famous pianist Roza Kaufman was born.

Alexander Shapiro: Good cinema is always an upheaval, just like Jewish life

The Kiev director on religion, raising children, creative plans and the language of cinema

The 10 most moving monuments to victims of the Holocaust

Shoes on a riverbank, concrete blocks, a menorah of barbed wire and glass pipes – in memory of murdered Jews

Garik Korogodsky: When your father becomes ill and feeble, carry out his whims

The Kiev millionaire on friends and business, love for your parents and bringing up children, and also on women, food and little joys – in the second part of the interview with Garik

Svyatoslav Richter’s 100th anniversary

The virtuoso pianist was born in Zhitomir, spent his youth in Odessa, drew pictures and was excluded from the conservatory twice for poor results

The conflict in Ukraine has led to a Golden Age for Jews

There is a kind of honeymoon of Ukrainian-Jewish relations right now

The Jew who betrayed Jews

The story of a member of the people’s guard who fought against Brodsky’s lifestyle

Kiev millionaire Korogodsky: My mother’s main occupation was to worry

On his childhood and parents, the “Jewish mafia” of Kiev and his love for energetic Moscow – the first part of the interview with the indefatigable Garik

A Secret. Stories of a Jewish Father, part 3

A tale of culinary secrets that make borsch taste better.

Transcarpathian Jews in the photos of Roman Vishnyak

A series of archive photographs illustrate the life of Jews in the region from 1935-38

Football giyur: how to be a Jew at the stadium

In Kiev on 12 March Dnepr plays against the Amsterdam club Ajax. What do Jews have to do with this?

Iosif Shklovsky and his jokes

30 years ago the outstanding astrophysicist passed away

Mitya Gerasimov: Yid banderites won’t go away

The frontman of Pushkin Klezmer Band about the life of a Jewish musician in Ukraine

A kosher dinner with strangers

10 places where you can try Jewish home cooking

The last shore of Teofil Fraerman

On 4 March in Berdichev an artist was born who knew Henri Matisse and Auguste Rodin, worked with Edgar Degas and was friends with Anatole France.

Dmitry Tishchenko: Not only Jews take an interest in Yiddish

The compiler of the Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary on the family, history and language of his ancestors

The Pancakes of Strife

A Friday story about food which caused a family drama

History oriented design

When love to history and passion to art meet together - something unique is born.

The top 5 Ukrainian Jews of Hollywood

Famous, Oscar-winning, ours!

The grand scale of the small Kazakevich

The life story of a person who was “capable of reflection”

Feltsman and his “small orchestra”

Today the brilliant composer would have turned 94

The Jewish gene and reunited sisters

The story of a woman who found her relatives all over the world thanks to a DNA test

Is it easy to be a Jew?

The 10th of February marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Boris Pasternak

Drugs, sex, rock n’ roll… and Jewish hippies

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Israel’s first hippie commune in Rosh-Pinna

Laurina Todesaite: What do Jews eat? Sushi and macaroni.

The founder of the “CookJewishBeJewish” project popularizes Jewish cuisine not only in her native Lithuania, but in Ukraine too

Three Jewish parables

Why does breaking dishes bring good luck, what should you say before the heavenly court, and which prayer is the best?

Oskar Mareni – the history of Israel

“The world is crazy, you can’t live without humor. But it’s a fact that we’re sitting here in Jerusalem…”

Lost in translation

Izrailovka. Part 5

Alexander Roitburd: “The religion of Victory must be destroyed, because it disguises a new fascism”

In an interview with Jewishnews.com.ua, one of the most famous and scandalous artists of Ukraine talks about the “guys” and Maidan, the war of symbols and languages, and also on his complex relations with his own nationality.

Our girls. Part 2

The top five outstanding Jewish women of the 20th century born in Ukraine

Can Jews celebrate New Year?

Members of Jewish communities in the West often criticized Jews from former Soviet countries for decorating fir trees for New Year, mistakenly believing that they are celebrating Christian holidays.

“I gave birth to Busya Goldstein. Who did your mother give birth to?...”

On 25 December 1922 the child prodigy violinist Boris Goldstein was born in Odessa.

Our girls. Part 1

The top-5 contemporary Jewish beauties born in Ukraine

100 years to draw conclusions

The euphoria of the revolution, a civil war involving foreign troops and a regular change of regime… In Odessa an exhibition has opened about the life of the city in 1917-1920

Smart art #madeinIsrael

The Israeli cultural center presented an exhibition of digital art in Kiev: “Art, science and technologies of the future – a view from Israel”


“Homeland” TV series compares Menachem Begin to Taliban leader

The director of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem was angered by the final episode of the fourth season of the American TV show “Homeland”, in which the former Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin was compared with a fictional Taliban leader, in reference to the explosion at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946.


“Ida” makes Oscars shortlist

The Polish film “Ida” about a Catholic nun who discovers she is the daughter of Jews who died in the Holocaust has made the Oscar shortlist for best foreign-language film.


World Record for dreidel spinning set in Israel

A group of adults and children in Tel-Aviv, including the former justice minister of Israel Tzipi Livni, have set the world record for dreidel spinning.


Evidence of Jews celebrating Hanukkah during Holocaust found in Lithuania

In the place of the former Vilnius ghetto in Lithuania, during construction work four lead dreidels were found – evidence that the Jewish community of Vilnius celebrated Hanukkah even during the years of the Nazi regime.


Catholic University awards doctorate to Elie Wiesel

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Elie Wiesel received an honorary doctorate from the John Paul II University in Krakow.


Researchers in Ukraine study sites where Jews were killed during the Holocaust

An international research team has started studying sites of mass killings during the Holocaust in around the town of Kremenets in Western Ukraine