International school on Semitic philology to be held in Ostrog

A certificate will be issued on completing the course

From 11 to 31 May in Ostrog an International summer school on Semitic philology will be held.

The school will be held at the Ostrog Academy National University.

Participants of the school are offered two types of courses: a) basic courses on Semitic languages – Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Syriac and Arabic; b) short lecture courses on various problems of Semitic philology.

The aim of the basic courses is to familiarize students with the rudiments of the above-mentioned Semitic languages. The short lecture courses concerns various fields of Semitic philology, Bible studies and Hebrew studies. A certificate will be issued on completing the course.

The main goal of the program is to disseminate information on the cultural heritage of the ancient Middle East among students of Eastern European countries, and to promote the development of their own schools of Semitic studies. Familiarizing students with the heritage of Semitic civilizations will help to popularize a multi-cultural world outlook and to consolidate ethnic tolerance in society, in opposition to anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

The initiators of the school are researchers of Semitic languages and literatures working in universities of Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Germany. The languages of instruction will be English, Russian and Ukrainian.

The school is financed by public organizations and donations from private individuals, but there will be an organizational fee for participants. Accommodation for participants will be free: the Ostrog Academy National University will provide a student dormitory free of charge which will be empty during the summer period. Study at the school will also be free.

A number of excursions are also planned for participants of the Summer school.

Source: EAJC

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