До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан
Until Erev Yom Kippur left 4 days

Police question man who posed as doctor for 4 months at Haifa hospital

Imposter would wander the wards of Rambam Medical Center, even posting photos of himself at ‘work’ on his Facebook page.


Israelis hold protest in support of Nadezhda Savchenko

The protest is taking place outside the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv.


Nemtsov’s report on Russian soldiers in Ukraine to be published by his colleagues

The document is contained on a computer confiscated by law-enforcement officers.


Israel to help open rehabilitation center for ATO soldiers in Kiev

Israel’s experience is invaluable for Ukraine.


Police find surprise hash brownies inside Purim baskets

The police raided a Tel-Aviv apartment yesterday and found large amounts of drugs, some of which were hidden inside Purim baskets.


Yarmolnik threatens to leave Civil platform if Makarevich is expelled

The actor promised to do everything in his power to stop Andrei Makarevich’s expulsion from the committee.

One Year Later, Exiled Rabbi Returns to ‘Surreal’ Lugansk, a Ukrainian City Ravaged by War

Residents suffer from a lack of food and medicine, and remain under military curfew

20 factors of Israel’s military experience that Ukraine needs

Until the children of Ukrainian politicians and generals go to the frontline themselves, the state’s attitude to the situation will not change

The life and war of “Captain Simon"

How a Jew from Ukraine became a national hero of Greece

Anatoly Podolsky: Heroism and feats are derivatives from the tragedy of war

The Ukrainian scholar discusses the lessons of the history of the last century, and the present political situation in the country

A good Jew or a bad doctor: how a Kharkov surgeon who was assaulted changed his testimony

The ethnicity of Doctor Dukhovsky as a tool for manipulation

Reforms during wartime: the Israeli lesson for Ukraine

Case Ukraine economist on the Israeli stabilization plan of 1985

Born to fight

A special forces commander of the Israel Defense Army anonymously talked to Jewishnews.com.ua about the nature of service in Israel

Sergei Nuzbrokh: This money was the last thing that people had who fled the war in the East

Ukrainian justice proved deaf to the pleas of Jewish refugees from Donetsk

Money will not be returned to members of Donetsk Jewish community

This was reported by a correspondent from Jewishnews.com.ua who attended a session of the Kiev Court of Appeal

Igor Kolomoisky: I have an outer armor-plated shell of lead, but inside I am a great romantic

On the 13th of February one of the most influential people in Ukraine celebrates his 52nd birthday

Slava Rabinovich: Ukraine carries the heavy burden of “moronism”

The renowned financier and investment banker talks about what can save the Ukrainian economy

Auschwitz Survivors

As the liberation of Auschwitz approaches its 70th anniversary this month, Reuters photographers took portraits of now elderly survivors.

Aaron Kaganovsky: The community in Mariupol is in turmoil, and we are trying to persuade everyone who is willing to leave

The assistant to the chief rabbi of Mariupol told Jewishnews.com.ua about the situation in the city and the community’s reaction to the tragedy that took place on Saturday.

Why is the Moskal not a comrade to the Russian?

On the nature of military language and lexical metamorphoses


Israelis go to vote with a firm knowledge of what they want

Ten ways to manipulate thinking using the media

An alternative view of the nature of the recent events in France and the mass reaction to them,

#CharlieHebdo: chain reaction

Solidarity, condemnation, support and cartoons – the response of social networks, media and artists to the first terrorist attack of 2015.

“Our city is not being blown up and shaken by natives of Odessa”

Odessan Jews discuss explosions and acts of provocation, moods and premonitions.

Do the Jews of Armenia need to be rescued?

The Jewish front of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict

Bernard-Henri Levy's rules of life

A French Jew's view of the life of Ukrainian Jews

Tzvi Arieli: “The system needs to be changed from top to bottom, and people should be removed who are not prepared to risk their careers for the good of the army and saving people's lives.”

The founder of Jewish Defense of Kiev speaks about the sources of anti-Semitic provocations and the experience of the small but highly effective army of Israel, which Ukraine should learn from

The birth of the «Ukrainian Jew»

The complex history of relations between the Ukrainian and Jewish people, and the parallels that arise with Israel in light of the recent events in Ukraine – these and other topics were raised by participants of the conference «Israel and Ukraine between the past and future», which was held on 27 November in Tel-Aviv

Bandera, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the Jews

A scandal has broken out in Israel involving the renowned journalist at Channel 9, Darya Nenakhova. In her spare time, Darya went to support the Ukrainian army at the campaign “Eat a dumpling – clothe a soldier”. And that would all be fine, but she turned up in a T-shirt with a picture of Stepan Bandera, the leader and ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism and the organization of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).


Ukraine posthumously awards Nemtsov Order of Freedom

Pyotr Poroshenko said that Nemtsov would forever remain a patriot of Russia and a friend of Ukraine.


Argentina wants former Israeli diplomat to testify in attack probe

Yitzhak Aviran, the Israeli ambassador to Argentina during the 1984 bombing, said in an interview that Israel had 'taken care' of the bombers.


Navalny and Kasparov do not attend Nemtsov’s funeral

Navalny is under house arrest, and Kasparov fears for his safety.


Investigators look for Ukrainian link in Nemtsov’s murder

This was stated by the mother of a witness of the crime, Ukrainian citizen Anna Duritskaya.


Ex-Israel envoy named secretary general of Uruguay Foreign Ministry

New Uruguayan foreign minister called Greiver "a diplomat with experience and a hard worker".


This Sunday: Ban Ki Moon at Chabad

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon will be the Guest of Honor – via pre-recorded video – at a giant Chabad youth event this Sunday.