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Viktor Fainberg. Photo AFP

83-year-old dissident Fainberg joins Nadezhda Savchenko’s hunger strike

Former Gulag prisoner is proud of Ukrainian pilot.

The 83-year-old Soviet dissident Viktor Fainberg has declared a hunger strike in support of the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, who has been held in a Russian prison since July 2014. Fainberg wrote about this in a letter to the Ukrainian pilot.

“Like other Gulag prisoners, I feel your desperate battle in solitude against an inhuman, insane system so strongly that in my thoughts and feelings I identify myself with you. We once had to go through this ordeal. And it left a strong impression on the memory of my soul and body. We are proud of you, our wonderful, brave, noble sister in the fight for inseparable freedom. One for all,” reads Fainberg’s letter. 

“As a sign of brotherly solidarity, I join your hunger strike. For old time’s sake!” Fainberg wrote. 

Viktor Fainberg, a renowned figure of the dissident movement in the USSR, was born in Kharkov in 1931. In 1968 he was one of the participants of the demonstration on Red Square against the USSR’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. For this act, Fainberg was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he declared a hunger strike, and was force-fed. At present Viktor Fainberg lives in France. 

Source: Radio Svoboda


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