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A First for EL AL: Charedi Woman to Train as Pilot

Nechama got the pilot's license at age 20

Nechama, a charedi mother of three and a Bais Yaakov graduate, has been accepted into the EL AL pilot training course, which commences this coming November. She first took to the skies at age 20, taking lessons in the US, where she received her pilot’s license.

Since all, or most, El Al applicants are IDF pilots, they have accumulated many hours of flying experience, which Nechama was lacking. To make up the flying time, she returned to the US, logged more hours in the sky, and was now accepted into the training program, after extensive interviews, where she explained that she always wanted to be an EL AL pilot.

Yediot Achronot, who broke the amazing story, reports that the interviewers were very impressed by Nechama and commented that she is a unique woman.

Nechama, who lives in a charedi neighborhood in a city close to Yerushalayim, will be the first charedi woman El AL pilot.

Source: Kikar News


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