До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан
Until Rosh Hashana II left 1 day
Photo: IDF Twitter

A new project was created to recruit the ultra-orthodox to the army

The project is designed to encourage ultra-orthodox to join the IDF ground forces.

A new project to recruit ultra-orthodox young men to the ground forces of the IDF aims to recruit hundreds per year.

The list of jobs include technicians and technologists positions, which can be done even not in uniform. The jobs offered are: auto mechanic, electrician, maintenance of armored personnel carriers, freight driver, software tester and programer.

The project has already begun operations online in order to recruit young men. So far, there are many interested, and the first draft is expected to begin in May - when dozens of ultra-orthodox will join the IDF. Soon there will be a department that will include ultra-orthodox soldiers who will go to yeshivas and orthodox schools to help guide them through the drafting process.

According to IDF data, in 2014 when the government passed the draft law, 2,068 ultra-orthodox joined the IDF. This statistic accounts for an increase of about 11%.

Source: Jerusalem Online


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