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Boris Akunin envies Ukrainians’ patriotism

The Russian writer Grigory Chkartishvili, better known under the pseudonym of Boris Akunin, attended a concert by the group Okean Elzi in London and was pleasantly surprised by the Ukrainians’ level of patriotism

He wrote about this in his blog.

And the Ukrainians should probably thank Yanukovich and Putin for this, because the former provoked Maidan, and the latter helped the Ukrainians to come together and became a nation,” Akunin wrote.

According to Akunin, when people at the concert in embroidered shirts and wreaths chanted “Glora to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” and waved yellow and blue flags, he felt “great envy”.

All of this was undoubtedly true Ukrainian nationalism, not ethnic, but national. And it was quite voluntary – the concert was not held in Kiev, but in London,” he noted.

Akunin admitted that he had always considered modern nationalism to be an outlandish anachronism and a “dangerous heresy”, but when he saw the crowd that was proud of the national flag, and sang the national anthem, “not out of panic” – and at the same time did not curse or hate anyone, but were simply happy – he felt bitter that this was impossible in the present Russian situation.

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