До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан

Chernovtsy teachers have been taught how to fight xenophobia

In Chernovtsy teachers from schools and grammar schools have taken part in a training seminar ‘Who is your neighbour?’, aimed at developing more tolerant inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relationships in the urban communities. The event was organized by the Jewish Fund of Ukraine under the aegis of the Public Council of National Minorities Educational Programme Managers of the Ministry of Education and Science with the support of the Norwegian humanitarian fund

The teachers were taught innovational technology of developing tolerance, overcoming xenophobia and stereotypes and preventing aggression amongst young people and countering the formation of the ‘language of enmity’.

On the second day of study the seminar participants were invited to specialized school no. 41 with tuition of a Jewish ethno-cultural component and were greeted by the chairman of the Chernovtsy Region Jewish Community, Lev Kleiman.

The residents of Chernovtsy have a rich Jewish heritage. Paul Tselan, Sidi Tal, Josef Schmidt, Josef Burg, Roza Auslander and other world renowned representatives of the community have lived here at one time or another.

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