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Google teams up with Waze to launch worldwide carpooling pilot in central Israel

The service, RideWith, matches up passengers and drivers who want to get to work

There has been talk for quite some time of how Google can be expected to enter the field of transportation. This week, Google will reveal its global plan here in Israel. The Internet giant will launch the first pilot project of its kind for carpooling to work and back, based on the Waze app and another app, called RideWith, that will be offered beginning this week.

Initially, the new service will be tested only in Israel and, in accordance with the results of the pilot study, it will be tweaked and duplicated for cities in other countries. It has been developed by the developers of Waze, the Israeli navigation application that Google bought two years ago.

RideWith will link up passengers who want to get to their workplaces with drivers making a similar trip. The number of trips drivers are able to make is limited to two a day, and only from their home neighborhoods to their workplaces. The passenger will pay the driver a nominal fare for the trip, as determined by the distance, and the service is built in such a way that drivers will not be able to transform it into a business, but will only receive compensation for the time and the gas they use to provide transportation for an additional passenger in their car.

Source: Haaretz

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