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History oriented design

When love to history and passion to art meet together - something unique is born.

This happened to Israeli designers who gave birth to the art project Piece of History.

The idea first came up 5 years ago to Asaf Harari, an Israeli graphic designer, while he was a student in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

«It is in Jerusalem that it first occurred to me that the Israeli souvenir market needs to be thoroughly revamped, and that there’s room for more updated souvenirs besides archaic Judaica products that flooding Israel's streets for decades» – recalls Asaf.

Love of design (specially for pop-art, vinyl figures etc.) and of Israel together led Asaf to start designing souvenirs with a more contemporary feel. The focus was on creating conceptual, history-oriented, but modern souvenirs. The main purpose of the studio is to create cool pieces of art, which will be an alternative to the archaic Judaica products.

The first figurine was Herzl, standing on a European-style balcony (as the father of Zionism was famously pictured doing in a 1901 photo from Basel). Harari posted the first models on eBay, and immediately sold them to a buyer in Toronto.

«He gave me the idea that there’s an audience for this», said Asaf. That was a start. Today Piece-of-history team produces a full line of Israeli historic action figures, including Prime Ministers Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, and Menachem Begin.

The company also sells t-shirts, posters, and other pieces of Zionist and Jewish-themed collectibles. «I believe that souvenirs and collectibles are part of any country’s identity, but not only for tourists», Harari adds.


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