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Israel companies profit from popularity on London Stock Exchange

UK investors attending a summit at the LSE on Monday were told that interest in Israeli companies had grown steadily.

More Israeli companies were listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) than from any other foreign country in 2014, it was announced this week.

Speaking at the event, Gal Haber, co-founder of LSE-listed Israeli company Plus500, which was valued at more than $1bn last year, said: “Enthusiasm is growing over time in the UK, it is welcoming Israeli companies more than it did in the past and I think it should keep on that way.

“Maybe it’s not as sexy - maybe we’re not welcomed with such enthusiasm as the United States might welcome us - but I think it’s growing over time and there are a lot more companies listed over here and all of these companies have done really well.”

Mr Haber added that the benefits of listing in the UK was that the country was nearer to Israel than the US and that British investors provided an intelligent market.

British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould welcomed the announcement. He said: “I’m delighted so many Israeli companies are listing in London. London offers many advantages for Israeli companies - appropriate regulation, the English language, more banks than anywhere else in the world, real excitement about what Israel has to offer, and all less than five hours flight away.”

Source: The Jewish Chronicle


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