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Israel gives medicine for injured soldiers from ATO

The Ukrainian ambassador to Israel expressed gratitude to the Israeli volunteers.

The Israeli branch of the international charitable organization “Rotary Club”, “Nesher Rotary Club”, has sent medicine to Ukraine for Ukrainian soldiers injured in the ATO zone.

At an evening ceremony to mark the founding of a branch of the Rotary club in the Israeli city of Nesher, the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel Gennady Nadolenko thanked Israeli volunteers who have provided humanitarian aid to children from orphanages in Ukraine who were moved out of the ATO zone.

“At the evening, a representative of the Taro pharmaceutical company also gave the Ukrainian ambassador and volunteers of the Israeli Friends of Ukraine public organization charitable aid from Nesher Rotary Club in the form of painkillers which will be sent to Ukraine for the needs of Ukrainian soldiers injured in the ATO zone,” said a report by the Ukrainian embassy in Israel.

Additionally, members of “Kiryat Gat Rotary Club” are now working to provide prostheses for a Ukrainian girl in Israel who was injured in terrorist attacks in Mariupol.

Source: Interfax Ukraine


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