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Aviv Alush. Photo: Noam Yosef

Israeli Actor Aviv Alush To Play Jesus

The movie is based on the best selling book.

An Israeli actor named Aviv Alush is set to play Jesus in an upcoming film called “The Shack.” The movie is based on the best selling book from 2007 by author William Paul Young.

To date, Alush has only performed in Israeli films and television programs.

The Shack is a faith based novel which tells the story of a man whose youngest daughter is abducted during a family vacation. Her dead body is then found by the police in an abandoned shack. Four years after her death, the father receives a message from God telling him to go back to the Shack. The book has sold more than 19 million copies world wide.

The movie will be produced by Lionsgate and directed by Stuart Hazeldine. In a post on Facebook, Hazeldine said, “We have a great cast and a great crew bringing The Shack to life after many years of development. Excited to finally start shooting tomorrow.”

The cast will include action movie star Sam Worthington and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer. There is no word yet on an expected release date.

Source: Jewish Business News


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