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Israeli doctors plan to help demobilized soldiers from ATO zone

Israelis will primarily held training sessions for Ukrainian specialists.

Israeli doctors are offering their assistance in the rehabilitation of demobilized soldiers injured in the ATO zone in East Ukraine. This was announced by Yosi Baratz, the advisor to the Israeli Foreign Ministry on health issues.

Israeli specialists primarily plan to hold training sessions on post-trauma and rehabilitation after injuries for their Ukrainian colleagues.

“We are working with demobilized soldiers who have been in combat. Israel has a lot of experience on this topic. And now therapy of soldiers has been approved here in the national health system. In the Israeli army, a soldier with post-traumatic syndrome returns to combat in several days,” said Baratz.

Alexander Galatsan, a doctor at the health department of the Kharkov Oblast State Administration stressed that Ukraine did not employ medical psychologists at ordinary treatment facilities.

“I should note that Ukraine unfortunately retains atavistic features of the Soviet psychiatric system. We have discussed this many times and sent our suggestions to the central bodies of power. Now we are organizing psychological aid for demobilized and injured soldiers from the ATO zone in all clinics and hospitals,” said Galatsan.

Galatsan also noted that Ukraine was prepared to use Israeli’s experience in restoring working ability, social adaptation and military readiness of soldiers and temporarily displaced persons.

Source: Comments. Kharkov


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