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Israeli entrepreneurs: war in Ukraine may stimulate development of technology

Military experience unites people and helps to create long-lasting business partnerships in peacetime. This opinion was expressed by managing partner at Hybrid Capital Ilia Kenigshtein at a business seminar in Ukraine.

“When you sleep, eat and fight with your army colleagues for three years or even more, it builds genuine bond of confidence and trust, that is why in Israel many army friends start their businesses together and build extremely effective companies,” he said.

Kenigshtein was born in Lviv and repatriated to Israel in 1991, but returned to Ukraine in 2007. He believes that foreign investors should understand Ukraine and its citizens on a metaphysical level if they want their business in the country to be successful.

Kenigshtein also said that war had united the Ukrainians, as it once did the Israelis, who made use of this by making innovations and creating new ways of fighting the enemy. He stressed the importance of direct partnership between business, the army, volunteers and the state.

The founder of the Israeli company EMonetization Guy Klajman said that in Israel many technologies and knowledge that soldiers accumulate during their mandatory service in the army prove useful in civilian life. He gave the example of the computer coding that soldiers learn in order to operate high-tech weaponry.

Klajman believes that for success in business the entrepreneurial spirit is required.

“That means discovering new ways of earning money, addressing people’s needs in the smartest ways, and creating innovative businesses from scratch,” he said.

The Israel information technology industry grows by 400% each year, mostly thanks to the development of instant messaging, cryptography and voicemail.

Source: www.kyivpost.com

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