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4 дня
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Kiev street to be renamed in honor of Boris Nemtsov

In all likelihood, the opposition politician will give his name to Vozdukhoflotsky Avenue.

A street in Kiev will soon be named after the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Kiev mayor Vitaly Klichko announced this during a visit to Germany.

In Germany, the mayor met with the daughter of the slain politician Zhanna Nemtsova. Klichko said that it was likely that Vozdukhoflotsky Avenue would have its name changed in honor of Nemtsov. Zhanna Nemtsova gave her support to the idea to rename the avenue on which the Russian embassy is located.

Boris Nemtsov was killed late in the evening of the 27th of February in the center of Moscow. A criminal case was opened in connection with the crime, in which five people have been implicated.

Source: kievcity.gov.ua

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