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Kolomoisky proposes to close Odessa oil refinery

The governor of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast Igor Kolomoisky announced that the Odessa oil refinery should be closed down, and oil products from the refinery should be sent to be stored at Ukrtransnefteprodukt

This is not our factory, and it doesn’t interest us. We have the underused Kremenchug factory, but the Odessa oil refinery should be closed down, in order not to spoil the ecology there. Odessa must be pristine after the loss of the Crimea,” Kolomoisky announced.

He noted that the believed that the actions of representatives of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office were lawful, which by court decision entered the territory of the refinery and put a stop to its work. According to the official, this was done to prevent the secret removal of oil products under arrest, which were associated with the businessman Sergei Kurchenko, who fled the country.

At the same time, the director of the refinery Mark Epshtein announced that soldiers from the Dnepr battalion could capture the Odessa oil refinery. He said that from talking to the security guards, he had learned that the soldiers had allegedly arrived recently from the ATO zone. (http://forbes.ua/news/1383413-v-zahvate-odesskogo-npz-podozrevayut-bojcov-batalona-dnepr)

Our security guards stand together with them, they learned that they had recently come from the ATO zone – either from the battalion Dnepr-1 or Denpr-2. They weren’t equipped like policemen. They’re waiting for a contract, but it’s not clear from whom – perhaps from employees of the Interior Ministry,” said Ephstein.

On Saturday, 22 November, representatives of the police and prosecutor's office accompanied by people in camouflage and employees of Ukrnaft company (42% of shares belong to Privat group of Igor Kolomoisky) shut down the Odessa Oil Refinery when employees of the refinery did not permit Ukrnaft employees to examine the reserves containing the previously arrested oil.

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