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Oleg Vishnyakov: Israelis understand Ukrainians very well

“God Himself has willed for us to be together and to support each other”

The honorary consul of the State of Israel in the western region of Ukraine told the Vaad website about the upcoming Ukrainian-Israeli commission on issues of trade and economic cooperation, the similarity of the two countries and the “Jewish Lviv”.

In the interview, Oleg Vishnyakov emphasized the fact that the Israelis understand the Ukrainians very well today.
“Our countries are closely linked mentally, and even by kinship… Israel has been in a state of war for 67 years. Throughout its history, the country has been fighting for its independence, and at the present moment this makes it akin to Ukraine… I have always said that Israel understands Ukraine, but now Ukraine also understand Israel. Like no one else, the Ukrainians understand Israel and support it. In this our countries are similar, and God Himself has willed for us to be together and to support each other,” says Oleg Vishnyakov.

According to the consul, a true breakthrough in Ukrainian-Israeli relations was the visit by Pyotr Poroshenko to the State of Israel in December last year.

As part of the Ukrainian-Israeli commission for issues of trade and economic cooperation, the issue of creating a free trade zone will be discussed, along with the possibility of signing an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Israel on work vocations, and also creating an “open sky” regime between the two countries. Oleg Vishnyakov said he hoped that agreement would be reached on all the main points this year.

Source: Vaad

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