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4 дня
27 Нисан
Photo DJC

Pupils of Jewish school in Dnepropetrovsk win prize at Robotraffic-2015

The Dnepropetrovsk pupils won prizes in the senior group.

Pupils of the “Or Avner Chabad-Lyubavich” Jewish school № 144 named for Levi-Yizthak Shneerson in Dnepropetrovsk have won two first prizes and one third prize at the 6th international competition “Robotraffic-2015”, which was held in Haifa.

30 teams from five countries took part in the international robotics competition: Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Argentina and the USA. The competitions were held in two age groups – senior and junior. The Dnepropetrovsk pupils won prizes in the senior group.

With two gold and one bronze medals, the team from Dnepropetrovsk took second place, yielding first place to pupils from Chernovtsy who won four gold medals.

Source: DJC


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