До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан
Until Erev Yom Kippur left 4 days

Holocaust Survivors Make Aliyah in Their 90s

Felix and Feige Bandos met in Bergen-Belsen


Repatriates from Ukraine to receive special financial aid

The sum of the single payment will be 15,000 shekels.


110 Ukrainian Jews from ATO zone repatriated to Israel

The Friendship Foundation provided Ukrainian repatriates with financial support.


Journalist Richard Ferrer: Netanyahu underestimates the Jewish communities of Europe

The Prime Minister of Israel has insulted European Jews by calling on them to repatriate to the Jewish state.


Israeli ministers accused of hindering repatriation of Ukrainians

The minister of immigrant absorption Sofa Landver believes that ministers from the “Likud” party are depriving repatriated Ukrainian Jews of their entitled privileges.


“Taglit” program turns 15

Members of the “Taglit” educational program celebrate 15th anniversary in Jerusalem

Rabbi Elisha Henkin: the Almighty was the first Zionist

The director of Midrasha Zionit discusses repatriation, religion and the problems of Russian-speaking Israelis

The advisor to the Israeli Minister for Absorption: Our priorities are social housing, additions to pensions and special assistance for repatriates from Ukraine

Shlomo Neeman discusses the new wave of Russian-speaking Aliyah, the real danger in the Middle East and Israeli democracy

Jewish Agency head Ilana Shpak: “Israel is interested in repatriates from Ukraine"

A discussion about Jewish education, repatriation programs and the realities of Jewish Ukraine

Anna Milkman: You shouldn’t think that manna from heaven is everywhere here

An employee of the genealogical resource MyHeritage discusses the adaptation of “our” repatriates, differences in office mentality, family trees and the return of confiscated property


Jewish Agency predicts repatriation of 50,000 French Jews to Israel

The chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky predicts that this year around 15,000 French Jews will repatriate to Israel, and over the next few years their number will reach 50,000.


Number of repatriates from Ukraine in 2014 increases by almost three times

The number of Jews from Ukraine who made Aliyah to Israel in 2014 in connection with the military conflict in Donbass increased by 190% to 5,840 people, the Jewish Agency reported.


Christian agency becomes involved in repatriation of ukrainian jews to Israel

The first plane carrying 224 ukrainian jews from the ATO arrived in Israel who were repatriated under the “Fellowship Aliyah” program, financed by Evangelical Christians.


Ukrainian repatriates exceed Americans in number

In the first 11 months of 2014, 5,105 from Ukraine were repatriated to Israel – 160% more than in the equivalent period last year. According to preliminary data of the Jewish Agency, Ukraine surpassed the USA in this figure, which last year was the second largest source of immigrants to Israel


Jews of Ukraine appreciate Israel’s eased immigration policy

Leaders of the Jewish community in eastern Ukraine have approved Israel’s decision to ease immigration requirements for refugees from the ATO zone, calling it an extremely necessary humanitarian gesture


Israel simplifies citizenship process for repatriates from the East

The Israeli registration department of the population has ordered to simplify the citizenship process for repatriates from the Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts of Ukraine who come under the Law of Return. The order does not apply to Ukrainians from other regions