До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан
Until Rosh Hashana 5778 left 1 day

Israeli Team Takes Top in Prestigious Global Science Competition

Ben-Gurion University team becomes first Israeli group to win first in Boston's iGEM, considered one of most important global competitions


Rudeness can actually kill you

Researchers find insolence damages medical care, accuracy and performance.


Prof. Cherny First Israeli ESMO Winner

The acclaimed ESMO Award was established in 1985


Chameleons’ Eyes Can’t Look In Two Directions At Once, Research Shows

Well known among nature’s best tricksters for their ability to change color to fit their background, chameleons have yet another talent up their lizardly sleeves – eyes that swivel around and appear to be looking in two directions at once.


Israeli Institutes Open First-Of-Its-Kind Autism Center in Middle East

The Autism Center will bring together cutting-edge research, clinical services, state of the art training and education for professionals and parents in the community

Jewish genius: Kurt Goldstein, the father of the theory of the organism

The psychologist who described the syndrome of the “alien hand”, categorized types of aphasia and believed that self-expression was the key requirement of a healthy organism

Nobel Prize winners of Ukrainian origin: chemistry

Scientists who gave the world knowledge about chemical reactions and quasi-crystals

Nobel Prize winners of Ukrainian ancestry: medicine

Three scientists who discovered the mechanisms of the formation of immunity and memory

Nobel Prize winners with Ukrainian ancestry: physics

Three scientists who influenced the development of modern science

170 years since the birth of the enemy of ageing Ilya Mechnikov

10 facts from the life of the great biologist, Nobel prizewinner and great lover of kefir

Stanislav Shalunov: The Internet of the future will be made up of devices

FireChat is the first messenger service which doesn’t need the Internet

Jewish doctors in World War Two

10 heroes of the medical front

The person who saved humanity from plague and cholera

On 15 March 1860 in Odessa, the brilliant epidemiologist Waldemar (Vladimir) Haffkine was born

Leo Kanner: a special doctor for special children

The history of a Jew from a village by Lviv who was the first in the world to describe autism


Israeli scientist claims breakthrough in HIV research

Until the research was carried out, medical researchers had only limited information on the existence of a connection between AIDS and a rare blood cancer called mixed-lineage leukemia


Melanoma cure may be within reach, Tel Aviv U study shows

‘Now we know the triggers’ that tell skin cancer cells to become aggressive tumors inside body, ‘we know what to block,’ says researcher


Israeli-British project makes Hebrew texts available online

A bible dating back more than 1,000 years, Hebrew literature, prayer books, bibles, Talmud to be digitized


Diabetics who skip breakfast risk blood sugar spikes

Study shows type-2 diabetics who 'fast' until noon can suffer day-long consequences.


Immaculate Conception? Israeli Tapir Gives Birth With No Males

Workers stunned to find tapir nursing tiny newborn at Kiryat Motzkin zoo - did the endangered animal receive a 'miracle' in the Holy Land?