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Business26 Октября 2015, 12:16

New Israeli messaging app can unsend photos

New Israeli messaging app can unsend photos

Messages, pictures, and videos sent between smartphone owners have a habit of coming back to haunt their senders whether it is a young woman who sent an intimate photo to an vengeful ex-boyfriend or a disgruntled employee who complained about his boss to his colleague, who then forwarded the message to the higher-up in a bid to score points.

A new Israeli app, Sessme, promises to allow its users to message freely, without worrying that the content of their messages will be seen by the wrong pair of eyes, "Mako" reports. Sessme operates like most messaging apps, which allow users to chat with individuals or in groups, but includes the options to block screen captures and limit the forwarding of messages.

Users can choose to define a chat as public or private and can even password-protect specific chats to prevent others using their device from seeing them. Sensitive photos can been sent with a “mask” which replaces the actual image if a user tries to take a screenshot.

Source: Globes

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