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Community 28 Января 2016, 10:17

Shiurey Torah Lubavich youth center opens in Kiev

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Shiurey Torah Lubavich youth center opens in Kiev

Before the new center was opened, the organization was only based in the Brodsky Synagogue, but as the number of projects constantly grew, the need arose for a larger space.

The two-storey mansion has everything required to hold lessons and celebrations. And there is also a kosher kitchen, four classrooms, a play area for children and a large library of books in Russian and Hebrew. And all of this is right in the center of the Ukrainian capital.


“I feel a mixture of anxiety and joy. As Chabad Hasidim we cannot leave everything on an emotional level and not draw a conclusion from this. Our emotional background is a tool which allows us to shift worries to the sphere of intellectual contemplation, an understanding of why I need this, and how it can be beneficial for the Almighty. Recently I talked to my close friend and spiritual tutor, Rebe Shalom Nakhson. I communicated the message that I received for myself to my employees. I told them that we were not building an office and doing renovations, but organizing youth projects and events. We are doing all this so that the Mashiakh may reveal himself today. This is our highest task. Our plans are to bring all projects here which already work and exist. These are the STARS program, See The Light, a club for schoolchildren and junior school pupils. We will understand what projects develop from these programs based on the nature of the Kiev audience,” said Arye Rafael Nizevich, the head of the Kiev branch of Shiurey Torah Lubavich, sharing his emotions about the opening of the new center. “I would like to thank the Brodsky Synagogue and the chief rabbi Moshe Asman personally, who received us five years ago. Additionally, I would like to say thank you to our partners and sponsors who regularly help us: Daniel Kvashin, Gershon Menachem-Mendl Mindich, Yakov Kogan, David Zatulovsky, Alexander Shkarovsky and Igal Brandin.”


Shiurey Torah Lubavich came to Dnepropetrovsk in 2002. Several years later, a branch of STL was also opened in Kiev. The main tasks of the organization are to fulfill the commandments, study the Torah, and organize youth and students events.
On every floor of the new center there is a spacious hall, however the large area was still not enough to fit all the guests of the event. Besides participants and pupils of the projects “Shiurey Torah Lubavich”, the opening was attended by the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman, Rabbi Matisyahu Noivert and Rabbi Ishaya Gisser.

“Arye Nizevich is the engine of the entire project, he’s an active and positive person, who works skillfully with young people. He decided to move this work to a higher level, by creating a comfortable and modern center here. Bringing up the new generation is a great mitzvah, and today this is happening, at the very start of the holiday of Tu-bi Shvat,” said the chief rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman. “We want our young people to grow up and give us fruits. I would like to wish that soon there will not be enough room here for everyone, and that young people come here. The main thing is to ensure that young people really do find it interesting.”


The chairman of the board of the Shiurey Torah Lubavich Charitable Fund Dan Makogon discussed the global goal of the organization and the motives that led to the creation of a separate STL center:

“The goal of Shiurey Torah Lubavich is to promote the Jewish way of life through study of the Torah and fulfillment of the commandments. We want to help Jews to return who have been temporarily cut off from their roots. The idea to open a new place arose out of the need for expansion, as the number of pupils and programs has increased. We are part of the largest educational programs in the world for teenagers – S-Kids and S-Teens. The headquarters of these programs are in New York, and together with them we are opening new programs here. Before bar- and bat-mitzvah, kids will study in children’s groups, and older kids in teenage groups.

“At the end of the day, children need their own place. They need brightness, emotions and feelings. So the decision was taken on a new place where they will be able to receive new knowledge and impressions for themselves. I very much hope that they like it here.”


Mikhail Tkach, director of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, joined in the congratulations for the opening of the center:

“Undoubtedly, it is of great importance for us, just as it is for the United Jewish community of Ukraine, to have organizations which work for the future of the Jewish people, the young, teaching them traditions, and learning about Jewish values in accordance with the Torah and Commandments. In this context, the STL youth movement is a promising direction which we follow with great attention. I want to congratulate the Jewish youth of Kiev and wish them active growth, new interesting projects and further successes! Mazal Tov!”

The organization plans to prepare a project that trains new madrikhs and employees of the education center. Graduates of the project will have the opportunity to work at STL. The task of future graduates is to create new projects which will be realized at the center.


“I am the vice-president of the Shiurey Torah foundation, and our goal has always been to attract young people to the Torah. We want our children to find themselves in Jewishness, and not on the street or somewhere else. We have been working towards this for a long time, to have our own place, for our numbers have increased. Thank God, we found the ability to rent and equip our own space, and decided to launch a youth program here. I am certain that this will be a central place in the city, and we will do everything to ensure this happens,” said Daniel Kvashin, one of the sponsors of STL.

Jewishnews.com.ua congratulates Shiurey Torah Lubavich on the opening of the new center and wishes them success in realizing all their plans and projects!


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