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Repatriation 19 Июня 2015, 11:27

Repatriates from Ukraine to receive special financial aid

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Repatriates from Ukraine to receive special financial aid

The commission of the finance ministry for emergency situations has confirmed the request of the ministry for Aliyah and absorption to allocate special financial aid to repatriates who have arrived from Ukraine after 15 April 2015.

This is a single payment of 15,000 shekels per family. The aid is intended for people who have left Ukraine since warfare began. In the next few days, repatriates from the ATO zone will be invited to ministry offices to sign documents for receiving funds.

Previously the commission only approved allocation of payments to people who arrived from 1 January to 15 April this year.

In connection with the early parliamentary elections and the fact that the state budget for 2015 was not passed, the allocation of special aid, along with many other payments from the budget, was suspended. However, according to a report from the press-service of the ministry of absorption, repatriates will receive money on their accounts in the near future.

Source: 9tv.co.il