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The report on activity of UJCU in 2019

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The report on activity of UJCU in 2019

The United Jewish Community of Ukraine submitted its 2019 activity report.

The CEO of the organization, Michael Tkach, noted that in 2019 UJCU succeeded in creating a "Jewish ecosystem" of Ukraine.

The report presented current information on the number of Jewish communities and organizations that are part of UJCU (all Jewish communities and organizations can be seen here), and provided information on the financial and material assistance received by UJCU to its members in the 2019 financial year.

Also in the report the United Jewish Community of Ukraine noted its activity on monitoring anti-Semitism in Ukraine and presented its results, reflected in the recently published report "Anti-Semitism in Ukraine - 2019" (you can read it by clicking on the link or downloading it in PDF format).

In addition, UJCU presented the results of its major projects: the Jewish magazine U-Jew !, the online publication "Jewish News in Ukraine and the World", the contact center "910", the map "Jews of Ukraine" and the recently created the Law Department.

You can view the UJCU`s Activity Report for 2019 by downloading the PDF version of the document or by clicking on the appropriate content field below.

1. Introduction. 

2. Composition of UJCU. 

3. Financial and material support.

4. Anti-Semitism. 

5. Law department. 

6. Contact center «910» — Unified Jewish number of Ukraine. 

7. Jewish news of Ukraine and the World JewishNews.

8. The map «Jews of Ukraine» — Entry point to the Jewish world of Ukraine. 

9. Jewish magazine U-Jew!

10. UJCU in social networks — Facebook. 

11. Leaders of UJCU.

You can get acquainted with the main activities of OEOU on the organization’s main website by clicking on the link.

In addition, to learn more about what the United Jewish Community of Ukraine does, you can read here.