Journalist Richard Ferrer: Netanyahu underestimates the Jewish communities of Europe

The Prime Minister of Israel has insulted European Jews by calling on them to repatriate to the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seriously mistaken about feelings in the Jewish communities of Europe, and underestimates their cultural and historical equipment. This opinion was expressed by the editor of the British newspaper Jewish News, Richard Ferrer, in an interview with the site “Lechaim”.

The journalist says that the Jewish community of Great Britain is very well integrated, and that British Jewish culture differs fundamentally from Israeli culture.

“Prime Minster Netanyahu appealed to us: “Gather your belonging and come to Israel, it’s your home.” So he has practically ignored everything that British Jews have achieved over the last 300 years,” says Ferrer.

In his words, the safety of Jewish and other ethnic communities is a priority for the British authorities, and so there have never been victims of anti-Semitic attacks in the country.

The only reason that may make British Jews to leave the country, Ferrer believes, is the possible ban on shechita (the ritual slaughter of animals in accordance with kashrut requirements), which several parties are pushing for.

“Of course, if they are deprived of the opportunity to eat kosher meat, all religious Jews will not be able to continue their existence in the country. This is a real threat to the Jewish way of life, but it is not a physical threat to Jews,” he said.

The journalist added that repatriation to Israel could not be a worthy response to terror.

Source: Lechaim

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